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Hi, we are Solaris

We feel disconnected from the beauty movement that values excess. We want to slow things down and make sustainable beauty essentials that last.

Our Founders are beauty experts & chemical engineers who worked for several years on some of the largest beauty brands in the world. Overtime it became increasingly clear to them that the beauty care industry suffers from deep moral and ethical problems, as many harmful ingredients have been increasingly used by many brands that causes long term damage to hair & skin.

There must be a better way……

We started Solaris with a single-minded ambition, becoming the “Cleanest beauty care brand in middle east”. To reach our ambition, we extensively worked on R&D, studying the most effective ingredients and found the best quality sources of these ingredients establishing their efficacy and safety.

Our list of restricted ingredients are getting updated frequently to deliver our promise to you, when we say that our products are effective & safe, you can take our word for it.

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